Our Scandinavian Father’s Day Campaign is out, and it is smoking! So excited and happy to finally be sharing this with you guys. So here goes and also sharing our top 4 Father’s Day gift ideas with you guys. We have had sooooo much fun making this campaign - for for TWO reasons. One. A shout out to all the wonderful daddies (especially my hubby Joel – you are our Nr 1 papa bear) and two we got to put flames everywhere. Yayyyy!! Hope you enjoy it us much as we do!

Making mornings less stressful and upgrading your style. That’s the motto for this campaign and here is how we do it.

TOP Four gift ideas for Father’s Day and why.

Upgrading the style. The past two years Socks have been paving the way from a commodity to a fashion item. Starting with street stylists finishing their look with a cool pair of socks now trending in the everyday scene. (Something a sock lover like me is very happy to be seeing). In the same way a tie is used to finalise the look, socks have become an important part of everyday wearing and styling. A great way to show some personality and sense of style is to add a cool pair of socks to the regular suit look. How to do it right you ask? If you are more of a minimalist type of person and keeping it simple, stick to that and add a pair of black and white AIM pattern socks to the look.  If you are a bit of a wild one - go all in and take the Christmas unicorn-sock for a spin on add some fire to the game and choose the MAX black flame-sock. And in moments of hesitation of the sock matching trend, you can always match your socks with a tie you are wearing or a detail otherwise visibly in your look. 

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Making mornings less stressful.

We have all been there. Your running late, almost ready to go and you can’t find a matching pair of socks anywhere… Well at least we here at AIM have so here is our solution to that. Make mornings less stressful and life easier for you. Save energy and searching powers for the areas that matter. This is what the AIM club is for. New socks delivered to your door every three months. And how you make it super simple? Go with the same but different options. Meaning you have the same pair of socks in loads. Meaning pairing socks after laundry just became sooooooo much easier and finding a matching pair even more so.

More about the aim club here

The actual four gift ideas:

We are all unique and so should your style be.

We gathered top four packages for Father’s Day and named them by theme. There are many papas out there, so we wanted to make sure everyone gets something to celebrate their special day with. So, mamas, partners and children have a look.


Sometimes fire, sometimes straight forward cool cat. This one offers both. Two pairs of aim pattern black and white and two pairs of MAX aim flame socks. Also, our best seller. So, if uncertain what pack to go with – this is a good choice ;)


Too hot to handle. Get a matching pair of socks to go with that.  These babies will fire you up from the morning and keep you going. Why, well us our customers say, “the most comfortable socks on the planet”. Seamless toe, terry on bottom, quality with a big Q and ouuu they got some swag. Four packs so you can keep it up through the week and got them convent morning routines down.


This is where we get in on the topic making mornings less stressful. Same pairs of socks as a four. pack. AIM signature pattern goes with a suit and dress shoes or jeans and sneakers. Made out of recycled cotton.


When Unicorn meets chess playing and through some color at it. This is package is already getting you in the Christmas mood so if you have a secret Santa you are celebrating. This might be something for him ;) Both models made out of recycled cotton and go great for casual and business attire.

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