Last weekend we did our first customer fair.

We have another one coming up in five weeks (a big one...) so this was a great way to test our setup and get some face to face feedback on our products and new collections. Exciting.

This was a three day fair organised in Helsinki. Focused on fashion and health.

We were naturally on the fashion side and were lucky to get a super location for our booth. Not only from a customer-flow point of view, but it was also located close to the stage area where I did two key note speeches.

Since we are a startup – everything from the booth setup and team setup is very do-it-yourself kind of solution. Which I feel is a big part of the charm and excitement.

The booth buildup and planning:

Booth buildup started two days prior at the location. Booth planning and pre build three weeks before. This was executed by Me, Erin, my dad and a dear friend Jenny (Go checkout Jenny's Instagram @sisujasijoitus , she does some fun renovation and building).

I was happy with the outcome and we had great fun doing it. Spent a lot of time going through Ikea, hardware stores, and hobby stores for materials. It was time and energy consuming so I’m also happy we now have most of the stuff ready to go for round two. 

Team for event:

The team setup for the actual event, is something super important, for the outcome of the event and general feel on the stand. Here I went with what I know works and turned to the old gang from event marketing days. A circle of friends who have done this type of events before. The “happy go lucky - make it happen attitude” comes to great value due to surprises always waiting around the corner when doing fairs.  Blessed and grateful to be supported by ladies who can solve problems when i'm not around… (like talking themselves into the event when I have sent them the wrong access pass).

For this event we had three goals. One: Sell socks, Two: Get feedback on the collection and Three: Meet new people to join our happy circle of customers.  For this event we also launched our Christmas collection – go check it out here and were thrilled to see the Unicorn went flying off the shelves.


Getting on stage and talking about our goal is something I'm always excited about and happy to do. This time the keynote was about making big decisions and taking risks in order to reach goals. For us this has meant coming into a market segment, traditional setup and doing it in a new way. The crowd was good and got some great questions. Thank you for that.

 Overall – great event – would do it again – and looking forward to the next one!