During August and September I have done a little come back to the film industry. Being back on set and in front of the camera has sure been fun and I am very much looking forward to seeing what the end result will be.

I have done my fair share of camera work, both tv and film. My most known work being from the five years I did a leading part in Finland's most popular TV series : Salatut Elämät  as the character Cindy Rintala. After that I have done some theatre, film and other tv shows. I even did a reality show, competing in a skate dance show, that was CRAZY but super fun!

Acting has been a bit on the side during the last year, due to starting the sock business and of course also having my baby, Filip -  now one year old.

So what makes this production special and a first timer for me?  Why do a comeback and how does AIM by MIA tie into it ? Three things.

One, this is a collaboration production made in Finland and the US. We are filming both in Los Angeles and different cities in Finland. Meaning I will be acting in English for the first time in my life – exciting! So yes, new challenge  – I am game ;)

Two, this is a new young team I have never worked with before, and being a startupper my self what is more exciting than to support young driven doers?!  A for efforts and so far looking like this will become quite the movie. Fingers crossed.

Three, How this all ties back to AIM.  I believe in focusing on your strengths and also lifting and encouraging others when you can, these are #aimgame values, very much preached and practiced in the company and at our events. So when a project like this was presented, I and with the support of the team all said Hell yeah ! Time to get our acting hats on and so we did (we also managed to do some product placement thank you too a fellow entrepreneur ;)

My scenes have mostly been during the weekend, so weeks I have spent with the team in Helsinki and during weekends flew out to be on set. Funny detail about being on set that most people might not know, most of the time It's just sitting around waiting so it has been a good chance to do some planning for AIM and binging on podcasts. Also due to me missing out on Family time, I have managed to schedule the baby sitter to come with, and Filip has joined me for these work trips. So thankful and happy that the production has been so cool and helpful with organising also this <3

End of September this filming will be wrapped up and back to regular business.