Trip to Los Angeles and choosing influencers. 


Did a quick four day visit to LA to wrap up the summer. 

Starting AIM by Mia, from day one the ambition has been to go global. We started in Europe and during the first week of opening shop we shipped to Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Norway and Denmark. Six months following we pitched for the American TV show Shark tank in New York. And last week, nine months in, I visited LA to prepare our next steps in order to get a foot hold in the US market. When our final LA conquest will happen, only time will tell, but what happened during this trip and what my goals were are the following: 

I have always had some serious love for Los Angeles. The weather, beautiful dogs, verity of people and the possibility to combine my two passions - acting and Startups. 

My goals for this trip was to get a better understanding of the market, understanding what are the current trends, and reaching out to brands from Scandinavia that have made the transition in order to see what can be learnt, and what could we have done differently. 

My primary goal and #goal1 was to get a understanding for the fashion and influencer market. LA is a great hub to get a feeling of what cool young talent is coming, get inspired and spark one's brain for ideas on what fun (and trouble making ) we can get done ;). 

Influencer - who and why ? 

Before my trip I was struggling a bit with how and in what way to work with influencers. They are an important part of the fashion ecosystem but influencers, and companies choosing influencers - carry a great responsibility. Something i personally feel is often forgotten in this fast world of ours. What is the  impact of a influencer? And what is the influencer actually influencing ? What is the positive outcome of one's presence on social media? Encouraging to live a fancy life? Marry a celebrity?  Or perhaps find your super power and be the best you?

Being a influencer myself, I have always felt, and hoped to be a attitude influencer. I believe in AIMing high in whatever ones goals might be. May it be to be the ultimate chiller or have high ambitions career-wise and most of all, be you. 

During my visit, these questions were constantly present. Discussed it with influencers and founders of companies. In the end I came to the simple conclusion - practice what you preach. And this is what we will do. 

I have been lucky and blessed to have been supported, challenged and found a tribe that can make magic happen. 

We are in the very beginning of our journey. Started by making kick ass socks, quickly realising there was a problem with sustainability (no secondhand market for old socks) pivoting to a collection and shopping model that supports recycling and finding the power of community through AIM summits. 

This company and our social gatherings would not be without brave hearts and open minds. 

And that is the path we will continue and grow. 

Combining big characters with great fashion items. Connecting with our community , challenging ourselves snd keep growing. This said - something new and cool was born and is coming up. So stay tuned ;) Woop woop! 

And in the mean time, if you are a cool driven wild pony. Please connect with us - we want to meet you and we want you to join the #aimgame

Have a great week you all !