The Story of
AIM by Mia

“I love fashion. I demand quality. I want to look and feel great and make other people look and feel great. I want to make socks my way.”

- Mia Ehrnrooth

During her modeling career Mia was struggling to find the perfect pair of socks combining great quality and high fashion, only to realize that the perfect sock didn’t exist. Everything in the fashion world was top notch quality, except socks. It was time to aim higher - it was time to create the AIM sock. AIM by Mia is a brand that creates the best socks ever made and with a serious need-factor. Quality, not quantity. Tight!

It’s important to emphasize, AIM is not a girl brand. AIM is a unisex brand. Everyone seems to think socks are basic and take them for granted, but the AIM team disagrees. There are a few brands that stick out a bit, but no one is bold and no one takes the role as a charismatic yet rebellious industry leader.

AIM is Mia spelled backwards. AIM reflects Mia and her values. AIM by Mia is characterized by a unique attitude, culture and energy. We are a team of people who love what we do and are always ready to innovate and create something new and better. Our socks are designed to celebrate the variety of personas that have inspired us on the way: bossladies, men with humble hearts, riot girls, badass boys, superstar babies, flying puppies and dramaqueen kittens.

Watch it - there’s a new sheriff in Sock town!

AIM by Mia socks are designed in Finland, made in Turkey. We love our fans and we hope you love us back.

AIM by Mia