AIM by Mia at Paris Fashion Week , 5 tips for those planning to go!


Socks packed - ready to go ! 

Our experience , how it went and some tips for those planning to go ;) 

Four months is what it took for us to get ready to present at Tranoi during Paris fashion week. Choosing the venue , finalising collection , planning the setup and designing material for presentation. This was our very first fashion week presenting and being a six month old company must admit it was a bit nervous - but super exciting. 

1. Choosing the venue 

This was a big one. What venue , where should we go ? What we did is that we actually hired a consultant to help us in order to place us correctly. Someone with experience in working with similar brands and a good knowledge of the European market. Getting in to the right venue and presenting with the right brands can be quite a  hassle. So do your homework here, and invest wisely. Ask around from other brands of experiences and collaborate if possible.

2. Hotel - Location, location, location 

In the true man-nor to the startup way the whole team consisting of me (Mia the founder), Erin and Maria were booked at a Airbnb apartment in order to save in costs, and not the fancy hotels. The stay itself was a total disaster from a host point of view, but location-wise it was great. Walking distance to the venue and easy access to the metro was super, so my first tip, where ever you book, go by location. You will want to have all the extra time for sleep you can because the days will be long. 

3. Arrive early for setup 

The venue itself was beautiful and very well organised. We were welcomed by a glass of champagne and what seemed like an old school singing butler (super cool). We arrived in good time the day before for setup , but could quickly see (and learn) you can never arrive to early for build-up because surprises will be around the corner...There were some mix ups with furniture at our spot, stuff missing, and also the whole setup was moved and brands re-placed as late as the night before the actual event. Stressful at times, but everything fell well at their place and the outcome was good. As a tip, be prepared for changes, arrive as early as you can, keep your happy but stay sharp. 

4. Stand out and bring samples! 

As a new brand presenting socks at Paris fashion week we really had to think about how will we stand out and what can we offer that others can’t. 

We did two things.

One, the show stopper. For the stand we had some crazy socks from our collection. The MIA 176 , a sock that is that is actually my height of 176 cm. It’s was a great eye-catcher since people stopped and looked at it and it opened the possibility for starting a discussion and presenting AIM by Mia.

The second thing we did was bring samples. Since we are a new company, we felt it was important to give our potential clients the experience of a AIM Sock, to test what quality combined with design actually feels like and what makes it so different to the other brands out there. Also since our product is a sock and not a designer bag we had the option of bringing samples with from the point of luggage and investment. 

5. Come rested and have fun ! 

During days you work and during nights you party. That’s how it goes so get ready for it. 

Meaning sleep well before you travel, stay hydrated during the long venue days and make your schedule so you can rest when you get back home. Because during the event days you won’t get much of the Zzzz zzzz. 

During the days you want to be fresh and sharp. Especially when you are meeting new potential collab partners and being the best you. But note! The events after are just as important, if not the most important, so also do this but go easy on the drinks, enjoy the fun and get home somewhat early (no point in staying up until 4 am).

Last but not least, don’t be afraid of bringing your personality and get to talking. There is also so much to learn and these kind of events are the best for education for yourself and making new friends :)