A visit to New York: Shark Tank get ready for some real AIM game!


When you have an opportunity, you always need to go for it! We had something really exciting booked in our calendars... a trip to NYC to introduce AIM by Mia to Shark Tank!

We packed our bags and flew to New York for a few days the first week of May. I must say it was an amazing experience in all ways. I have built a career in acting and modelling, but international formats and productions are always next level. It was interesting to see how the casting process works and to just feel the energising atmosphere and vibe.

Maria came with me on the trip and was pitching our brand together with me. She's my former colleague and a great pitching buddy! She lived in Silicon Valley for many years and built an international career in communications.

We were very satisfied that we got to compete and that we excelled our pitch. It was an exciting day since a lot of things had to happen in one minute - you literally got just A minute to prove yourself and to share your pitch. We had prepared ourselves for a long time so we felt good about our performance. Now we are waiting for a call whether we made it to the next round or not - keep your fingers crossed!

Our kids stayed home when the mamas flew overseas, it was an intense but also a very rewarding trip. Below a photo journal of our stay in NYC!

Remember to keep your AIM game strong!