Bring your toddler to work day


In average we do photoshoots every second week. This time we were shooting some press and style images for AIM.

Photoshoots are supposed to be fun (that’s how you get the best images) so we decided it would be a good and fun idea to have Filip, my son, join us for a couple of shots. 

We started the day with some style images and after lunch it was time for some Filip and Mia shots. We had a solid plan and great reference images but as you can guess, it did not go down quite as planned. Hahaha. It was a total mayhem, socks everywhere,  some pulled down backdrops and some good laughs (and a couple of tears). Filip had fun, we (hopefully) got some good  shots. Overall this was a nice way to wrap up the week and we will definitely do it again :) My tips for shooting with a toddler are: rest well, reserve time and don’t have anything at reach that can not be replaced... ;) 

Have a good week!