Offline for the holidays


Socks kept us busy until the last few days before Christmas, so the relaxing holidays were very welcome and I enjoyed them to the fullest.

I knew I would only have a short Christmas vacation of three days this time (I’m now in Istanbul for business again), hence I decided I would try get the most out of it.

For me getting the most out of a vacation means giving my mind and body time to relax and zone off. Doing this is a challenge, not something that comes naturally to me (if I don’t control my thoughts and impulses I will be thinking of my business and on my iPhone 24/7) so I am constantly developing methods to become better at relaxing. In order to do so, I decided to commit (once again) for less iPhone time and here’s how it went down.

Commitment: Less iPhone

Less iPhone makes your life better - it’s a no brainer. Something that everyone knows, and yet is so hard to do. For me reading articles about how your iPhone addiction is not good for you is a great motivator. Such as “Too much Instagram eats your creativity”, or “having your phone present while working slows you down by three times”, and “taking your phone to bed will keep you awake longer “ type of articles. Fun fact is that I’m usually reading these articles while in bed and on my iPhone... the Irony right? Haha. Anyway, what I did and can strongly recommend is committing to having less iPhone time. I challenge myself. And when I succeed in the challenge I feel good and in control of my time management. I make an execution plan. How it will work: A, B and C for less iPhone. And here it is:

A) I turn off notifications but keep the calls coming (In case of emergency I want people to be able to reach me, and to know this helps me relax)

B) I check my WhatsApp and messages three times during the day. Morning, midday and end of business hours. I also determine how much time I can spend responding: 15 minutes.

C) If I need to be active on Instagram, I do a timeline: again 15 minutes, respond on messages and if I need to make a post I do a quick one.

This A, B, C is super simple and more about committing to not picking up that phone constantly. At a regular day I pickup my phone over 120 times. Reducing it to 10 times a day is already a lot. Please give it a try, I can strongly recommend it! This challenge of mine will continue over the next two weeks for New Years and weekends and I’m looking forward to seeing how it affects my work and personal life. Feel free to join me ;) And if you have better tips, please share them xx